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Currently the organization is staffed solely by Bord members who volunteer their time.  For more informaiton contact any of the following Dewende-Africa (DACDP) Board members:


Roger A. Cobbs:  Board President or 330-475-6550


Paidomoyo Munodawafa:   Board Vice President

Gwendolyn Wilson-Cobbs:  Treasurer or 330-253-9066


Ilyne Burutsa:   Founder and Secretary or 330-703-3879

Diana Mabwe:   Board Member    dmabgwe2002


Ramona Green:  Board Member


Sabina Zunguze:   Board Member

Mary Ann Brockett:   Board Member Emerita

Gwen B. Fischer:  Board Vice President Emerita


Rodney Burutsa:   Original Web Manager


We make special mention of our Friend of Dewende, the late Dr. Debra  Rodriguez, who, despite a terminal illness took her preciously limited time and energy to work with Dr. Gwen Fischer to develop a Diversity Training Module (see Projects page) to help us raise funds for the Dewende Project.  We honor her efforts on our behalf and hold her memory dear.


We make special mention of a Friend of Dewende, the late Dorothy A. Hall, who left a bequest to DACDP, Inc. in her will. 

Thank you for believing is us and our mission.

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