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It is a cultural norm in the Dewende community that the troubles and benefits of a single community member accrue to all.  With this in mind, we do not necessarily suggest that you identify one child to support.  If you donate US$20 and there are 20 orphans or disadvantaged children (as defined by the community to include children who have one parent or whose parents have extremely limited incomes), each child will have one dollar (US$1) applied to his school fee. This strategy means that a child may now have enough support to have or supplement a meal and thereby be more able to concentrate on school lessons.To sponsor one primary school child for one school year, it currently costs ZM$81 (US$6); to sponsor one secondary school child for one school year, it currently costs ZM$570 (US$41). Please note that these amounts fluctuate because of currency instability in Zimbabwe.


Contact us for volunteer opportunities.  Our current needs include assistance from someone with expertise in fundraising and someone who can arrange opportunities to take advantage of the Diversity Training Module designed by our supporter, Dr. Gwen Fischer to help us raise funds. Volunteer your expertise in fundraising, marketing, web maintenance and public relations.  Contact any of the Staff for information.


The review of our recent efforts showed us  that an elementary school of fifty (50) orphaned and disadvantaged children can be supported for a school year for US$300 (ZM$4,200). Please note that this amount fluctuates because of currency instability in Zimbabwe. We invite you to consider sponsoring that many children for that amount of time, and sponsor an even greater number of children if your resources and interests permit.  


Our efforts this year (2019)

We paid school fees for 25 elementary school children for one school term (school trimester), exam fees for 44 elementary school children, school fees for 10 high school children for a school year, school fees for 8 high school children for one school term, and exam fees for 2 high school children.


We have received hand-written thank you notes from the children who have received support from our program.  Please consider a making a donation to help these very grateful children.  Cash donations can be sent to:  The Treasurer, DACD Program, Inc., 579 Winslow Avenue,  Akron OH  44313.  Credit card donations can be made via our Donation link on this page.  We are a 501(c)(3) organizaiton and your contribution may be tax deductible. We will mail a receipt and letter of appreciation to you.



Dewende-Africa is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit.  This means that your donation may be tax deductible under U.S. law.  If your employer supports nonprofits, please consider alerting them to work of the Dewende-Africa Community Development Program, Inc.  We would be so pleased to have you tell them about us, or let us know to contact them about reasons to consider DACD Program in their annual budget.

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